[CVPR2021/PaperSummary]YOLOX: Exceeding YOLO Series in 2021

Fig1:Speed-accuracy trade-off of accurate models (top) and Size-accuracy curve of lite models


2. Proposed Architecture

Tab 1: Roadmap of YOLOX-Darknet53 in terms of AP (%) on COCO val.
Fig2: Training curves for detectors with YOLOv3 head or decoupled head. We
Tab 2: The effect of decoupled head for end-to-end YOLO in terms of AP (%) on COCO
Fig3: Illustration of the difference between YOLOv3 head and the proposed decoupled head
Eq1:SimOTA cost function
Table 3: Comparison of YOLOX and YOLOv5
Table 4: Comparison of YOLOX-Tiny and YOLOX-Nano
Table 5: Effects of data augmentation under different model sizes.

3. Comparison with the SOTA

Table 6: Comparison of the speed and accuracy of different object detectors on COCO 2017 test-dev

4. Conclusion

Writer’s Conclusion




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